Friday, 8 March 2013


To those of you who thought that Batman is just another DC Comics superhero , think again . Why did I say so ? What makes Batman much more superior than others ?

Before I begin the conversations , let us take a closer look on Batman . Did anyone of us thinks that Batman can fly at supersonic speed or single-handedly crush a fighter jet plane the way Ironman did ? No , of course not . By the way , he is just an eccentric billionaire who can only fly at that speed in one of his private jets . The only way for him to crush a plane is by shooting it down with one of his Batweapons . In the other word , he applies logics and science to do the impossible .

If you are an avid fan of Batman , like I do , you will remember of how his Batmobile and the Bat crushes an army of maniacs , headed by The Joker in the first sequel and Bane , on the second sequel . Somehow , i realised that , after watching Dark Knight and Dark Knight Rises , my mind was completely washed . I finally realised that when you applied science logics with  brilliant military strategies , you can take down an entire nation , and I'm pretty sure that was the X-factor in getting an edge over your enemies .

Apart from that , I fell in love with Batman , not because he is Bruce Wayne , but because he is so humble in his act . He believes that action was his reward and the Gotham police force should take the credit . Remember when Commisioner Gordon's family was abducted by Harvey Dent , and that Batman  had to kill him in order to save Gordon's son . Batman took the blame for it , refusing to highlight his great efforts and assistance to the Gotham authorities in killing The Joker . Since then , he became the most sinful , most hated crmininals in the city .

By the way , how can I relate Batman to our daily life ? The only thing I can say is that there's a Batman in every us . Every civilians of this nation has a role to play in fighting crimes and any subversive activities which could jeopardize our security and well-being . I also believe that , anonymous citizens who fought criminals and terrorists , they are the true Batman . They are the Dark Knight , unsung heroes , who fought battles they are destined to die , in order to provide comfort and security for the homeland .

The last remaining question , who is Batman ? Nobody knows for sure who he is . But , trust me , he is always there with us , The Dark Knight lives in every of us , we just have to awaken it .