Saturday, 31 August 2013


I had one question for you , which religion can provide you with all the answers to our problems in this world ? There are so many religions in this world , who claimed that they are perfect and the validity of the belief itself should not be questioned by anyone .

My second question is , is there such thing as an absolute truth ? It's like a religion which is flawless , plus free of human interpretation and interference . From my point of view , there is no such thing as absolute truth . Even , I had to admit myself , that Buddhism , the religion in which I was born into , was neither perfect nor close to absolute truth . Sometimes , I always questioned myself , why Buddhism is so different from other religion ? Why are there so many contradictions in Buddhist scriptures ? What is the true purpose of karma ?

As I was trying to comprehend the true essence of Buddhism , I came to realise that Buddha himself , told his disciples not to  blindly believe in whatever word omitted by Him . He strongly urged his followers to investigate every  aspect of the religion , and then , to make their decision of whether to accept or reject Buddhism . The method of critical thinking and thorough judgement approach , promoted by Lord Buddha , had certainly won the heart of many people . As a result , many had choose to convert to Buddhism .

Now , did I use this article to promote the goodness of Buddhism and to belittle the other ? No , I am trying to make a point that the religion with absolute truth is the religion which truly engages your heart and mind . Some people are favouring monotheistic faith over agnostic belief , simply because the concept of one single God , sounded more logical to them . If that's the case , then we should respect their personal choice .

Remember , no religion is superior above another . The only religion with absolute truth is the religion which engages your heart , mind and soul . Every religious belief , should be open to criticism and feedbacks , because it shows that people do really care about the religion