Friday, 14 September 2012


For those anti-monarchists who think that monarchies and sweet royal couples are the thing of the past , you better think again . The odds are you have overlooked the latest royal sensation from the much beloved , high profile Buckingham Palace . The moment the will-be-future King of England and his PRINCESS CHARMING was united in a royal wedding ceremony , the whole Great Britain and the world are caught in a tsunami wave . A tsunami wave of excitement that finally hit the British shores since the heydays of Prince Charles and Princess Diana , back in early 80s to late 90s . This time , even medias , politicians and other anti-royalist had to admit that there is something special about the couple , Duke and Duchess of Cambridge . Obviously , they can't afford to take this royal couple for granted

First of all , who is the real person behind mask of  Duke and Duchess of Cambridge ? The Duke is Prince William and the Duchess is Princess Kate Middleton . Both of them had been officially married in one of the most anticipated , most electrifying wedding occasion of all time . The ceremonial date , 29th April 2011 will always be remembered as the day Britain stood still and the day where the world are in a jovial mood as they " forgot " about their daily life struggles , immersing themselves in the wonderful world of British royal wedding .

The million dollar question is what makes this royal couple so special in the eyes of medias , paparazzi , common subjects , even the Hollywood celebrities ? From my point of view , this couple had possessed the greatest qualities of all ; they are extremely elegant and had that charming aura which melts everyone heart , while at the same time , maintaining the humbleness and down-to-earth policy when meeting with the commoners . Secondly , I adore them for they had been willing to patronise several charitable organisation across the nation . In fact , I was actually moved by words of encouragements from this couple to the underprivileged , physically and mentally disabled members of society who had seek shelter under the umbrella of these organisations . These words of motivation had certainly gave these people a reason to live for another day

To add on , I personally thinks that Prince William is a very brave man and will make a good King of England . His Majesty is currently serving as a pilot in the RAF search and rescue team and he has the dream to serve in peacekeeping missions in Afghanistan , only to be denied by the royalty , the government and the RAF itself on the basis that he is second in line to the royal throne . As for Princess Catherine , Duchess of Cambridge , I simply admire her timeless look and her brilliant sense of fashion . She also has the look and charismatic aura of a people ' s princess , making her a centre of attraction in every royal tour .

Well , I am neither a media critic nor having any formal or informal relationship with this couple , but I hope that this blog posting will give all of my readers a good reason not to overlook the charm and aura of this latest British sensation . I personally urged all the anti-monarchist out there to rethink your stand . My personal hope is that may God bless them in the journey to restore the glory and fame of being a part of the British royalties . As the saying goes , the sun never sets on the British Empire . Long live Will and Kate .


Tuesday, 11 September 2012


Alright , let ' s get down to business . Honestly speaking , I am not really a big fan of demonstration . By the way , for those people who think that staging a demonstration is a good idea , I would like you to think again .  Maybe these people will ask me a question , WHY ?? The reason is simple , what would you expect to get from a demonstration ?

If you thought that  the government will change their mind after receiving the memorandum of your demonstration , think again . Chances are instead of submitting to your claim , they will just ignore your referendums , survey polls and all those relevant data's regarding the cause in which you are fighting for . So what , you want to waste your time by creating another event of demonstration ? Do you really had nothing to do ? I leave this question to you .

Moreover , organising a demonstration is not an easy feat .  Accidents , mishaps ,  can be caused by unruly behaviours of some demonstrators . Just imagine , an anonymous person suddenly throws a hand grenade or started to shoot randomly to the people and the authorities . Just imagine how many civilians can get hurt or get killed in such  mishap . In the end , it is the organiser who will be persecuted under the law , instead of the real perpetrator . Basically , the organiser had become the scapegoat for the crime they did not commit .

Furthermore , I think that the Malaysian society as a whole must be vigilant and extra cautious in every demonstration they are about to take part . They must first investigate whether the claims , opinions and the purpose of such demonstration are truly genuine facts and figures in which it cannot be denied by any parties . Secondly , they must also know in which venue , the demonstration will be taking place .  This is because certain places such as Dataran Merdeka and Tugu Pahlawan are off-limit to any demonstrations and politically - motivated gatherings , considering the cultural and historical significance of these sites to Malaysia . The image of these places shall not be tarnished by these events .

Last but not least , I urged all of my readers to try not to " show off yourself " in the public too often . If you really think that the government had fall out of favour with the public , just use your voting power . Vote for the opposition . After all , Malaysia is a democratic nation . You can vote for anyone you like . Isn't it a better idea than demonstration ?

Thursday, 6 September 2012


Do you think it is easy to be a part of the world ' s most famous football team ? If you really think that playing professional football for clubs like Barcelona , Real Madrid , and Manchester United is an easy feat , I want you to think again . Chances are you did not provide yourself a deep insight into the real situation faced by their star players .

Just imagine if you are Lionel Messi , Cristiano Ronaldo or Robin van Persie . What do you think will happen if you did not score any goal in a match ? If your team wins , that is fine . But if your team loses , I bet the next few days will be a nightmare for you . Just imagine , getting the highest weekly paycheck , getting a lot of assists from fellow teammates but unable to score the goal . 

The situation can get even stickier if you are Tito Vilanova , Jose Mourinho or Sir Alex Ferguson . Just imagine , you fielded a team worthy of the nickname " DREAM TEAM " , played in the home stadium , but still could not win the match . One thing for sure , mass media and millions of loyal supporters around the world will be talking about it for some time . This drama could be ended with you getting sacked from the club .

But , on the contrary , if you proved to be the goal scoring machine , scoring at least a goal in every match , the whole world will cheer on you . Just imagine , supporters will be chanting your name in the stadium , guys started to dress like you , girls willing to die just to be your girlfriend . This situation might look favourable to you in the next few days . But , after some time , this " instant fame " can get on your nerves . You will be like an animal game for the paparazzi " hunters " . Your private life will be on the cover articles of football and gossip magazines . Even your girlfriend and families will not be spared . They will " enjoy " the " spillover effect " from your fame and fortune .

Alright now , are you ready for the climax of this " soap opera " ? Let say , when you reaches the peak of your performance , you suddenly decided to leave the club to find " greener pasture " . If you had really decided to do so , what kind of  " public feedback " would you expect ? My prediction , Barcelona will be submerged in a tsunami of angry Catalan supporters , Madrid will crumble under the intense pressure of " REAL " earthquake and Manchester will be the next " Nagasaki " , destroyed by the next " nuclear bomb " from  English gentlemen .

So , from here , can you feel how hard it is to be a professional footballer like Lionel Messi , Robin van Persie or Cristiano Ronaldo ? They had to carry a hefty burden of responsibilities on their shoulders . They are expected to deliver the best performance in return for their high payroll , best hospitality and the most conducive environment in which talents like them can be nurtured . Nevertheless , if you want to replace their " royal seat " at the expense of your relaxing lifestyle , then go ahead . I will not stop you .

Tuesday, 4 September 2012


I had recently produced a quote in which I would like to share with you . The quote started like this , ehem.....

if a guy beat you up , smile to him
if teacher scolded you like hell , smile back to her
If your brother steals your ball , smile back to him
If you fail your Maths , smile back to the Maths paper
If your girl dumped you , smile back to her
Even if the world hates you alone , smile back to the world
Because a smile is the only difference between divinity and humanity

After I finished writing this quote , I asked myself this question , " Had I smiled enough to all people around me ? Had I even smiled back to them even when they did not smile to me ? " Then my spirit replied ," No , you did not smile enough . You did not even smile to them even when they are smiling to you . " Which brings me back to square one question , is it really hard for us to smile ?

First of all , how many of us smiled back when a stranger helped to pick your handbag or wallet when  you accidentally dropped them ? Did they think of a reward from us when he or she picked that thing up ? No , of course . He or she did not think of anything . Instead , he is willing to help us in the spirit of civic - mindedness in hope of getting a " Thank you " reply or just for that elusive smile . If you smiles back then I would like to congratulate you . You had give the greatest gift from God to that person ; smile . 

So , from here , can you see what people expected from you when they helped you with something ? They just want that smiley face expression back , which makes them feel better for a moment even when they are in a hurry . Smile is neither expensive nor cheap ; it is priceless . Nobody can actually figured out the monetary value of a smile because it is abstract . It is an abstract expression or how should I say , a sign of gratitude from bottom of our heart  . There is a wise man saying , " You cannot buy a smile with a Master Card or Visa . "

 So now , will you smile after reading this post ? I hope you do because I always believe that to be mad is human , but to smile even when you are mad , it is divine . Good night . Remember , sleep with a smile . 


Monday, 3 September 2012


I always believe that when two sides are clashing and fighting each other over issues such as autonomy and so on , I am of the opinion that the conflict must be settled in peace . I always believe that such conflicts are unneccessary and does not bring any good to the well being of its people and the nation , as whole . Today , I want to talk about the insurgency and militants who destroyed the tranquility and religious tolerance of the multicultural region of Southern Thailand .

Now , for your information , the militant movement which were initiated by Islamic militant movements of Southern Thailand  in 2004 had cause great sufferings not only to Thai Buddhists and Thai Christians , it had also negatively impacted the Thai Muslim community which formed the majority in three provinces of Yala , Narathiwat and Patani . Many casualties had been inflicted on both sides , not only on the military personnels but also the Thai citizens , be it Buddhists , Muslims or Christians .  The conflicts in Southern Thai region had further eroded the image and reputation of Islam in this nation of 63 million peoples .

The militants and insurgents claimed that the conflict that they are waging against the central authority of Bangkok is a " holy war " against the unbelievers of Islam . They claimed that the province of Patani , Yala and Narathiwat belonged only to the Muslims . However , the history books proved otherwise . There had been a sizeable minority of Buddhist population , coexisting with their Islamic counterparts in the same region for as long as time can remember  . Shall I add on ? Buddhism and Hindusm traditons had existed long before the Kingdom of Patani embraced Islam somewhere between 11th to 13th century AD .

As for the central authority in Bangkok , I think it is the time for you to engage these " parasites " once and for all . Disinfect these " parasites " as I believe they had caused a great deal of sufferings not only to the Thai Buddhist and Christians populations , but also to the Thai Muslim community itself . If the Thai authorities could not handle this problem alone , I think that they should not be shy to form partnership with countries like Malaysia and Great Britain which had proved their battle worthiness in the war against communist guerillas back in the 1950s . Maybe Thailand can also engage several UN peacekeeping teams in Southern Thailand to restore back the much needed peace in that turbulent region .

As for the militant insurgents and the Thai Muslims population , I think this is the perfect time to throw away your firearms and bury the hatchet . Accept the fact that you are now living in Thailand and that you are subjected to Thai central government . Embrace the Thai identity as being a Thai does not make you less Muslim . If both sides are willing to strike a win-win situation deal , this will be beautiful . Just remember that Thai is a race , not a religion . Being a Thai shall never be the excuse for the Muslims to be less Muslims , just like being a Malaysian does not make me less Buddhist and Thai . 


Sunday, 2 September 2012


If you are the guy who had never been in a relationship throughout your high school years , never had that first kiss with your girlfriend or the worst thing of all , never ask a girl out on a prom night at the end of your high school years , then I can conclude that you had a miserable teenage life . However , do not be worry . You are just a nano fraction of thousands of teenage boys across Malaysia who had never change their status of relationship from being " single " to " in a relationship " .

A classic case of a guy who never changed his " single " status on Facebook is me , myself .  Throughout my schooling years in primary , secondary and pre university level , I had been an awkward guy . Awkward not because I am sporting an awkward hairdo or looking like a Frankenstein monster , but I am one of the few guys in school who had never experienced the beauty of having a girlfriend . In the other word , I am just a high school "loser " who never had the " life " .

To say that I do not have the look that will put girls under my charm , is partially false . In fact , I was aware of some attempt by some girls who tried to make the first move on me . Some of them even send me love letters and flowers to my desk . If these girls are reading this , I would like to thank you for your kind act but sincerely saying , please put your name on the card so that I can send back the reply . Some of my male friends even joked that if I entered Bollywood as an actor , Salman Khan will be out of business .

However , over the years , after I reached 20 years of age , I had figured out several reasons why I do not have a girlfriend and why I do not need one for this moment . Firstly , I am still dependent on my parents for a living . I do not own a house , car , steady job and deep pockets in which I can offer to share with my girlfriend . I always believe that my parent's hard earned cash shall not go into my girlfriend 's " maintenance " fees . Instead . I will secure all of those four criterion above before I will call it a time for matchmaking session , on my own feet .

Secondly , I am a huge failure when it comes to making the " first move " on a girl . I do not have the talent to start a conversation with my love crush . Instead , I will somehow bring a " repaired " end to the relationship when the flowers of love have yet to bloom . Although I had planned the best dialogues , words , poems that will even make Shakespeare envious of my wordgasms, the planned conversation will not go as planned . Everything will be messed up and the day will be ended with a " red hand " mark on my face , as the girl walked away from me .

Thirdly , I have yet to find a girlfriend who passed all the " assessment test " of becoming a girlfriend of mine . My " dream girl " should be gorgeous looking young lady , loves kids , good at cooking and mending the house chores and should have at least a high school , SPM certificates . If she is a degree or diploma holder , that would be better . However , on top of that , she must possessed the following virtues in which I believe every girl should possessed . She must be loyal and truthful to the boyfriend , willing to share the sweetness and bitterness of a relationship , must be respectful to her and my parents , family members and relatives . I also expected her to uphold the Eastern values and lifestyle which had been deeply ingrained in myself . In return , I will be the best boyfriend she ever had .

In conclusion , I do not mind being a single young man for as long as I can remember  . In fact , I am proud of the fact that I had not been even in a single meaningless relationship with a girl who are trying to play the fool with me . However  I sincerely hoped that God will be my LOVE GURU who will try to match me with a young lady . Last but not least , I want the relationship to be " ended " with a love knot in a wedding function .

Now , shall I leave this Youtube music video clip for yours to savour ?

Saturday, 1 September 2012


Have any of you ever wondered who is the new God of 21st century ? Can anybody make an accurate guess ? Alright , I will tell you the answer . The answer is MONEY . Yes , the paper notes and metal coins that everyone of us are using on a daily basis . The only reason why I elevate the status of money from being a legal form of currency to the divine Godliness status is because all of us are worshipping it . Muslims , Christians , Buddhists , Hindus , you name it , we are slowly becoming a servant of the " GOD " . We let this man made creation to take over the place of the real God we had been worshipping for generations .

Now , here is where the story started . In the past , people are much more contented with what they have . The global population were less numerous and certain places are sparsely inhabited . Back then , barter trading were the only way to get basic human supplies such as food , shelter , water and land . However , after the Industrial Revolution to the 21st century , barter trading had to give way to commercial economy which is fuelled by money capital . Under this new system , the more money you have , the better your life . As a result of this new " madness " , everyone is rushing to find more money through legal and non-legal way . The end justifies the mean . This is the part where we lost our sense of humanity . Some of us are willing to be criminals , prostitutes , even killers for the sake of money . Money is never enough , they said . What they do not say , money will not follow you forever .

Well , I believe that the above statement is inadequate . Shall I give you another example ? Firstly , do you think that everyone who frequently crowded the mosques , churches and temples are good people ? Secondly , do you think that the priests , monks or whatever they call it are truly the servant of God ? I had my own answer to both questions . My answer is there are more bad than good people in these places . In fact , some of these people came here to steal holy relics and any valuable possessions belonging to the instituition . This includes antique holy books , statues , jewellery etcera in hope of selling it to interested parties for a high price .

Secondly , some priests , monks are charging exorbitant fees to their fellow devotees for a "spirit cleansing " treatment when the methods of conducting the treatment are questionable . Secondly , some of them are also " forcing " their followers to donate certain amount of money to the temple in order to get amulets which are supposed to make them invincible . The amulets then turned out to be a fake . I have to agree that these people are smart in making quick bucks from their effortless effort but they had made a lot of bad sins and karmas which are only punishable by God .

So , from here , can you see of how money had become our new God . For those people who had " slaved " themselves to the new " God " , I think you should repent and take this word for a thought , " Almost everything needs money , but money is not everything .

Tuesday, 28 August 2012


Students always asked themselves where should they further their studies after graduating from primary or secondary school ? If they graduated from primary school , they might be divided between studying at full boarding school , premier non boarding school or just the national school . As for the secondary school graduates , they will be in a deep state of dilemma as they have to make an even tougher choice . This situation can become stickier especially if you are offered a place in polytechnic , matriculation college , university or even a scholarship to foreign university .

Did you ever get into that kind of confusing circumstances ? If you are , do not worry . Sometimes in life , everyone of us had to make difficult decisions . The degree of hardness will increase as you grew older . Still remember when you get your UPSR or PMR result slip and an offer letter from a boarding school was sent to your doorstep ? Do you need to reply to it ? If you are the type of person who are still dependent on your parent and siblings in managing your own life , then I suggest you do not go  to boarding school . I think it is better for you to go to premier non boarding or conventional school where you can still travel back and forth from your home .

Now , choosing the right place to study can be a tricky affair especially when you are the " lalang " type of person . What I am trying to say is that you are easily influenced by the external factors eg parents , friends and relatives who claimed this college and courses as such and such etcera . Now , the solution for this problem is simple . What I wanted you to do is to close your eye and ask what your heart wanted you to be ? If you are talented in singing , playing musical instruments , then why do not you sign up for music college such as ICOM , Berkeley etcera . You do not have to be shy to pursue musical courses which are deemed by certain parties as worthless and irrelevant to the job market . Just follow your heartbeat and everything will be just fine .

One of my friends once told me that if you pursue something which is not your cup of tea , it will eat you up from inside . Honestly , he is absolutely correct . If you are inclined toward liberal art courses like me , but choosing engineering courses as your subject just for the prestige and respect by your loved ones , then you are just digging your own grave . I can bet you that you will fail at the end of the semester , crying yourself in the bed ," why is this happening to me ? I should have done liberal arts . If that moment arrived , you have reached a point of no return .

In conclusion , you should know your inclination and talents . The world is your studying place . You do not have to limit your choices . Be clear minded and have a firm stand . Then , I can guarantee you that you will pursuit the beauty of happiness .


Monday, 27 August 2012


Have you ever encountered a situation where you are being labelled as such and such by your friends , the whole neighbourhood only because you are different from them ? The kind of difference that I am talking about is your skin colour , race , creed , belief , place of origins , etcera.. ? If you had been through this sticky situation , then I would like to welcome you to STEREOTYPE INC, a company which had been founded by me .

Now , I might surprise or provoke big bussinessmen if I say that if all of the companies including Apple , Microsoft , and so on were combined into a gargantuan consortium , their effort will come to waste . Why ? Because my company is more powerful , more stable and employed 7 billions people on this planet . Some might asked , " Is it true ? " Nah , I am just joking . I do not own any companies . I had just created the term stated above as an analogy to describe how stereotype had been a nasty cancer in among human race . By the way , if you search it on Forbes 500 , you can only find nothing . You have been fooled , HAHA !

By the way , stereotype is a common problem in this multicultural , multireligious country like Malaysia . Everyone of us are so prejudice of each other that we had blinded ourselves of the beauty in diversity and differences in among us , Malaysians . We are often ignorant of the fact that a people 's act does not represent the whole community .

Let me give you an example . Let say I saw a Malay couple kissing in the park . Does it sounds right if I say that all Malay couples like to display public affection ? Of course no . It is only the couple 's act , not the Malay act . They deserve the punishment , not the race . The second example , if I see a Chinese girl wearing an extra tight miniskirt and tight sleeveless shirt, looking  like a whore , sitting next to me in a bus . Is it fair for the Chinese if I say that all Chinese girl are sluts ?Of course no . Not all Chinese girls are like that .

I can talk about many other cases involving stereotypes which I had previously experienced . Now for the second part of this drama . I want to expose something even more heartbreaking , and you might want to punch my face . Be prepared for the truth . The truth is STEREOTYPE INC did exist . It had firmly consolidated in our minds and souls that only death can do us part from that impression .

When I was small , I had frequently heard that if I act naughty , some Indian guys will come and catch me . I grew up with that statement and I had to say that it was a complete myth as I mixed with them . I think they are just like me and I always think that if a guy wants to kidnap you , the guy does not have to be Indian . He can be anyone .I also heard that many Indians are drunkers . Well , this statement is not true either . I have seen many Indians who had not touch any liquors and beers even when being offered by friends and colleagues .

The second case , some people said that all Chinese are rich , greedy and liars . They also said that all Chinese can do business and are excellent in Maths . Now , let me correct the above statement . Not all Chinese are rich . Many of them are just like us , average income earners . As for the greedy part , I know of many Chinese businessmen who donated their properties to charities and like to share their fortune with the people . I also know of many Chinese who are honest and does not take anything that is not theirs . As for the Maths and bussiness part , I always believe that anyone can be a Maths prodigy if you worked hard by revision and full class attention . Let me remind you , not all Chinese do bussiness . Many of them are civil and private servants and they had no interest or skills in doing the business transactions .

As for the Malays , they said that Malays are lazy and like to depend on the Government on almost anything . Let me correct this , I personally know a lot of hardworking , workaholic Malays and they can afford to sent their childrens to colleges , buy expensive houses and cars without any special discount or assistance from the Government . Some parties said that Malay students are unable to converse well in English and are not doing well in Science and Maths . Well , this is not true . There are many Malay students who can spoke English fluently , which can be compared to foreign Western expatriates who lives in Malaysia . These students are also smart and they are able to score well in Physics , Maths and so on .

As for the non - Malay bumiputeras living in Peninsular Malaysia , Sabah and Sarawak , some people thinked that these people are still living in the forest , animisme believers and are illiterate . If you had  a friend who had this type of stigma , I suggest you smack him in the head and take him for a tour . Let him witness the truth . Orang Asli , Dayak , Kadazandusun , Murut and so on are now enjoying a high standard of living and many of them are successful professionals and businessmens . Many of them are devout Christians and they can write , read and speak better English and Malay than us . By the way , they do not live in the jungle . Many of them had moved out and lived in cities . Some of them also builded huge , rambling house for their families in the kampung .

As for me , many Malaysians thought that all Siamese came from Thailand . This is also a huge lie . For your information , there are around 70,000 Siamese people in Malaysia and many of them are concentrated in Kedah , Perlis , Kelantan and Hulu Perak . There is also a sizeable minority of Siamese community in Penang . Like all Malaysians , we are granted full citizenship and are considered as bumiputeras under the Federal Constituition . Now , I think I had made the point .

In coclusion , do not judge a book by its covers . Just remeber that we shall not treat other people the way we do not want to be treated . Eliminate all the prejudice and stigmas , and I am sure that STEREOTYPE INC will be out of business . 



Let just imagine that you are a politician and you are currently a Member of Parliment for your constituency . Now , let say that the election period had arrived and you were elected as a candidate for the second time in the same constituency . Now , all you have to do is to put some RM100K as your financial capital for the campaign , plus some extra cash , maybe RM5K as your betting money . The only way to get back your RM5K is by getting at least 1/8 of the total voters who voted on the election day .

Now , for the interesting part of this article . Just imagine that a publicity booth and a grand stage had been set up in the public field , which belongs to the municipial council . At night , there were hundreds of people come to your speech . You will be only giving the speech on the grand stage and the booth will do the rest for you . It will distribute free refreshments , some souvenirs and registering new members of your party .

Your job of the night is only to give speech and that is all . So , what kind of speech will you be giving ? Is it about promising the citizens of your area that each and every one of them will get free fuel refill for a day , that is the day after the election should you win ? Or you will be using this oppurtunity to slam either Government or Opposition ' s policies , depending on which side you are , when your own policies are worse ? How about spreading the mega plan ; to take over the nation 's capital when you are on the losing side ?

My question is , should you tell the people by using any of the statement above ? Of course no . You are a politician , not a lawyer . You do not make a living by " cheating " on the people like the way lawyers does . When you are giving your political speech , make sure that your contents are based on reliable , accurate source . Do not simply jumble up everything from the Internet , copy paste here and there and expect the people to believe in every words you says .

When it comes to making promises , do not make empty , illogical assurance to your constituency ' s people . If your party or the government itself cannot afford to bring down the car price in Malaysia , do not promise that ! Just make a vow to the people that you will serve the people during disaster times . Just promise to the people that you will bring down corruption in your area . Make a personal guarantee that your office will be like a open house , where people can come in and tell their problems to the people . Or maybe you can set up an special day in a week ,  let say Wednesday night where you can personally listen to their arguments about the problems in the constituency .

Just remember that people do not choose you only because you are good looking or super rich billionaires . They elected you so that you will be their voice in the Parliment , a guy who can speak up for the constituency ' s interest . This is what every politicians ( MPs ) should say .

Now , do not you think that your every vote is important and that you cannot elect someone who is in jail because he or she is involved in crimes . Make your choice wisely . Good night


Sunday, 26 August 2012


Wise man said , " You reap what you sow " . As for me , I truly believe in that statement . I truly believe that if we give the input , we will reap the output . The output can be either positive or negative . If you spread love , you will reap peace . If you plant hatred , you will get a disaster . The concept is very much similar to law of karma . What goes around , comes around .

The reason why I am writing this article is that I had came across several " farmers " who tried to clear the wilderness of " diversity and peace " and turn it into an rubber estate of " anarchy ". What am I trying to say ? I want to use this analogy as a reminder to everyone of you who had been exposed to outside influence especially from any form of electronic and printed medias . I just want you to be careful of these " farmers " who tried to invade and destroy the fabrics which had been mended by our forefathers to form the wilderness of " peace and diversity " that we are living in to this day . 

The million dolar question , " Who are these farmers and how they disguise themselves ? " . These " farmers " can be " anyone . They can be politicians , ministers , officers , even teachers . They disguise themselves under the name of freedom , justice and meritocracy . They are usually vocal speakers for their group , voicing their discontent over any issues regarding their community through social medias such as Facebook , Twitter , Myspace and so on . They even had a blog dedicated for their cause .

These people especially politicians and activists are now moving in a new direction . What is the direction ? Their direction is to win the hearts of many Malaysian especially the youth by  publishing anti - statement about the Government . By this way , they hope of winning more seats in the next general election . I am not saying that all of their anti - Government 's statements are wrong . It is just that many of their claims are baseless and lies . In fact , I would actually support them if they voiced their protest over certain education issues such as JPA scholarships , Matriculation placements and the usage of Bahasa Malaysia in Maths and Science . Sadly , most of these " farmers " overlooked this issues . They are more interested in attacking the Government for the wrong cause at the wrong time in a wrong situation .

I would like to remind all of you who are reading this post , to study their claims and facts in depth . Look out for any websites , blogs and medias who had different opinions on the issue . After reading  on both sides , make your own judgement . If you think that neither sides are correct , then close the book . Do not try to spread any further rumours on the issue . Just think of how many minds you have corrupted if you spread it .   Do not let these " farmers " planted the seed of destruction .


Saturday, 25 August 2012


Personally , I am a human but I do not understand one of the most despicable human nature ; complains and grumble . Just take the college students for example . I mean , how many of you know of a college guy who never complained about anything ? He or she will not complain about the canteen food , will not complain about the dull condition of the dormitory rooms , will not complain about anything in the college even when the college itself needs some criticisms ? Can you find one ?

As for me , I had not find any of those guys . I feel that these people are " goddess " . They are not so foolish to step down on earth and mix with " devils " like us .  They are up there ,in the heaven , giggling to themselves as they watched us compaining non -stop like in one of those stand-up comedy acts . So what should we do ? I know the answer . The answer is we should stop our grumblish act and put ourselves in the shoes of the college management .

Let say all of us are in the college management team . When some idiots complained about the food being untasty , how can we explain to them that the food is free of charge and green veggies are good for them ? When these pundits complained that the assignments and exams are too hard and numerous , how can we explain to them that they had a lot of challenges  needs to be accomplished in order for them to graduate as a profesional ? When they grumbled that the dormitory looked rather dull and creepy , like something from the Frankenstein classic settings , how can we make them understand that they only have to pay a meagre sum for accomodation and that electricity and water bills are borne by college ?

Now , do not you think that we should ask what we can do to improve our college instead of asking what the college can give us ? Do not be a greedy person . Just accept whatever is offered to you . I am sure , your college life is going to be a nice one .

NOTE : Author wishes the very best luck to friends and students across Malaysia who got the admission into public and private universities this coming September and October .


Today is Sunday and I am pretty the traffic leading to Kuala Lumpur and other big cities in Malaysia is going at a snail pace . But if you are the one who got stucked in the traffic madness , do not worry . You are just one of the thousand Malaysians who are vying for a  traffic space in which you can speed up your car and get back home as quickly as possible . The festive mood is going to be turned off by midnight and the usual hectic schedule will continue to bother us until the next festive celebration .

However , this had nothing to do with our topic today . Our topic of the day is " SLOW IT DOWN , ENJOY THE JOURNEY " . You see , people are so fixated and obsessed when it comes to reaching the destination or goal , that they sometimes forget something behind ; the journey itself . It is in every human nature that we could not care less about our surrounding and the situation we are in . For everyone of us , the end justifies the mean . This is a wrong concept . For me , we must take it easy , enjoy the journey and try to achieve the goal in a harmless way .

Let me give you an example . Let say that I , Manop will be travelling from Penang to Johor Baru . Now , do you think that I can drive the car whichever I wants , even to the extent of endangering other road users and the passangers inside my car . Do you think it is a proper thing to do ? Of course no . By the way , I am on a vacation in Johor and I do not see any need for reckless , speed driving in which it would lead me into accidents or being caught in a speed trap . Instead , I will drive at a reasonable speed , stop at any rest stations whenever I feel tired , enjoy the the road scenery , maybe even giggling myself to the funny advertisement banner set up along the highway . Now , that is what a travel is all about .

The concept " SLOW IT DOWN , ENJOY THE JOURNEY " can also be applied in our daily life . Take Pandalela Rinong and Datuk Lee Chong Wei for example . Where were we when they are suffering setbacks in the diving pool or badminton competition ? Where were we when they are crying out loud when the supporters said they are just good-for-nothing athletes ? Where were we when they are training like there is no tommorrow for years ?  Sadly , we are only there when they achieved their goals . We are busy cheering for their Olympic medals as if the medals just fell from the sky .

My personal opinion is that we had overlooked the agonising pain they had endured in their journey to Olympic fame . I think that maybe we should slow down and look back closely on their story . Their story is like a journey on a highway . Sometimes , the car broke down . Sometimes , they feel tired . Sometimes , they feel like giving up when they almost reached the end of the journey . Had they been a " reckless car driver " , I do not think they can achieve their destination .

If you are reading this , please remember that the most beautiful part of the journey is not the destination ; it is the journey itself . THANK YOU for reading this .


Happy Saturday for all of you who are reading this post . It had been a busy but exhilarating day for me .  A lot of things happened today . But however , I do not want to talk about my day . It is simply irrelevant . What I want to talk today is loyalty to the party .

Question is , which party am I talking about ? BN ? PKR ? DAP ? PAS ? No , I am not talking about any of these major Malaysian political parties . Instead , I want to talk about the Chinese Communist Party . Yes , I am talking about the party which controlled the most populous nation in the world and also the second largest economy , People ' s Republic Of China . For your information , the China as we know today was founded in 1949 by the Communist Party of China ( CPC ) . The first chairman and president of China was Mao Zedong who became the head of the state from 1949 to his demise in 1976 .

Furthermore , as the modern Chinese government adopted the ideology of communisme , the state had also adopted a secular , communist constituition . Now , this is the interesting part of the story . Under the the China constituition , in order to be a Communist Party member , one has to forego his or her religious identity . This rule applies to all Chinese citizens , be it a Buddhist , Taoist , Christian , even Muslim . This means that a Muslim cannot observe the fasting month of Ramadan , the Buddhist cannot observe the Wesak day and so on . However , if he or she is not a Communist Party member , he or she can observe and practise own religious belief freely as guaranteed under the China ' s constituition . Now from here , can you understand my main point ? The Communist Party expected each and every party member to put their priority on the organisation first .

On one side , it is a good thing . The communist policy tried to shatter the religious and creed differences in among different ethnics in China by treating them equally once they are the Communist member . The government wants the citizens who are members of the Party to put their heart and soul to defend the communist ideology against the forces of democracy and capitalism . In addition ,  since China is a single party state like the former Soviet Union , no other parties other than the Communist Party  are allowed to exist .

On the other side , the Chinese government tried to promote atheisme among the member of the party . The communist philosophy believes that loyalty to the state is more important than loyalty to their respective ethnics and religions as stated in the ideology . The idea of atheisme and not being able to practise own religion once you are in the party will not work in any democracies be it Malaysia , US and so on . Not for religious person like me .

Nevertheless , I had truly admired the Chinese Communist Party ' s effort in eliminating the religious and racial difference in among its citizens by unifying them under one common ideology that is communisme . After all , they live in one big family that is China . In conclusion , I think that every Malaysians should be united under one common ideology and forego any religious nor racial difference between us . We do not have to be communists but I am certain that we can achieve that goal in our distinctive Malaysian way .

Thank you for reading this . By the way , my religion is democracy .

Thursday, 23 August 2012


The Independence Day of Malaysia will arrive 7 days from now . Today is 24th of August and the DAY is on 31st of August . Well , the only reason I want to write this article is to express my gratitude and proudness of being an independent Malaysian who had the freedom to control his own destiny without being subjugated to the wrath of the colonial master from the Western world .

It is widely known that Malaysia had been a sovereign , independent nation for almost 55 years . The independence was achieved as a result of excellent diplomatic skills displayed by our forefathers and also as a part of decolonization process by the mighty British Empire which was hugely endorsed by United Nations ( UN ) and the Queen ' s colonies all around the world . While it is true that the former colonial master , British had leaved our beloved shores for more than half a century ago , they are actually still a coloniser of our mind .

When the British made Malaya the Queen's colony , she does not only wrest the control of economic and political power from the local sultans , she also put the mind of most Malayan under her charm . Through the missionary schools and English government schools , they imparted the impression that anything Western is superior and anything Eastern and Oriental is inferior . They also brainwashed us that it were the Western scholars who had invented and created some of the finest scientific theories in the world .

I had to confess that the Western world did contribute a lot scientific and literature marvels to the world but please remember that the advancement and discoveries that they had made were a result of studies on Eastern scholars such as Avicenna ( Ibn Sina ) , Ibn Battuta , Confucius , Mencius , ancient Hindu scholars and so on . Shall I elaborate longer ? When the whole Europe was going through Dark Age , Eastern civilization such as the Umayyad Caliphate , Abbasid had already established universities and colleges for their subjects . Who could not forget the invention of gunpowders , silks and papers in which the process was discovered by the Chinese , only to reach European market a few centuries later . The modern numbering system was actually derived by the Arab scholars who had learnt it from the Hindu scholars in India .

Now , do you get a clearer picture on the state of our mind . Our mind are still being " colonised " .  We are too busy admiring the Western civilisation when they had actually benefitted from our Eastern civilizations . Therefore , I believe it is the time for us to actually study or own civilisation in depth while not abandoning the centuries of Western legacies and knowledges that exist until today . If we can somehow do just that , I think the Malaysian society as a whole , had achived the true " Merdeka " mind . Be global in your thinking , but be local in your attitude .

Thank you for reading this .

Wednesday, 22 August 2012


Now , if you are reading this post , you might be wondering what  a Spanish Supercup match has to do with the legendary " El Classico " ?  Need further explanation ? If you are , then let me explain in details . If you see the photo above , it clearly stated the venue , time and most importantly , the match is between Barcelona and Real Madrid . Now ,for your information , the Spanish Supercup match is equivalent to the EPL Community Shield match in which this match will only be held at the early of the season . The participating team are the League champion of the last season , that is Real Madrid and the first runner - up team , FC Barcelona .

This match is interesting because it will be the REAL test for the new Catalan manager , Tito Vilanova who had been appointed to replace the " ONLY ONE " , Pep Guardiola . Pep Guardiola is currently on sabbatical leave while also looking for the right club to coach . Previously , Tito was the assistant manager for Barcelona and is one of the " backbone " for the Catalan giants . It will also be the " Homecoming Party " for both David Villa and Carlos Puyol who will have to prove their worthiness to the team despite being out for most of 2011 - 2012 season . The latest signing , Jordi Alba who had showed the outstanding ability as a leftback during Euro 2012 must use this match to prove himself qualified to be a part of the " DREAM TEAM " .

Last but not least , I wished all the best for FC Barcelona . Whatever outcome or result from the match , I will always be your biggest fan . Like this post if you are the Catalan supporters . Let the Fiesta begins .

XOXO Manop

Tuesday, 21 August 2012


Have any of you ever visioned what kind of Malaysia will emerge if the examination such as UPSR , PMR , SPM and STPM were abolished by the Government ? Let say some idiotic , chauvinistic nationalist had won in their case against the Government regarding the issue stated above . If you think this is impossible , think again . The decision by certain quarters of the community to pressure the government to abolish the  public examination is our first step towards the " goal " . I am not saying that Malaysia is going to be an "examless" nation in the next year but I always believe in the slogan " Malaysia Boleh " .  We can do it .

Just imagine ,  in the not so distant future , when schools no longer tested their students academic skills in examination system , the image of schools will change forever . Students will finally had the motivating force to go to school . The burden on their back will be significantly reduced as they no longer had to carry books , paperworks , folios and so on . Question is , what will they do at school ? Well , it is simple . They will have fun at school . Their class will be full of chit - chat and laughters  . Everday is like funfair to them . They do not have to learn anything academic as there is no need for them . Instead , they will learn the art of flirting , watching pornographic videos and the art of gossip .
Photos of Ryan Guzman , Emma Watson will be on the class noticeboard instead of Maths and Science facts .

Now , what about teachers and headmasters ? For the first time in history , headmasters will find themselves " jobless " . They do not have to carry out meetings , R&D on how to improve the school 's academic perfomance in public examination system. Instead , they will sit in the leather couch , sipping a cup of Nescafe Gold while watching the students running around like cat chasing mice . As for the teachers , the absence of examination is a blessing in disguise for them . They no longer had to mark their student's exam papers at home or in holidays . They no longer had to sacrifice their day offs by taking kids on a field trip to other schools . Instead , they can now sit together on the couch , chit - chatting about the handsome male teachers , sharing gossips on artistes . As for the entreprenurial - minded teachers , this will be their golden oppurtunity . They can now " market " their cookies , potpourris , and decorative stuffs to teachers and students . Students will be the " agents " selling their items from class to class .

Alright now , let skip to the future . Lets say the first generation of " professionals " were born under this new " examless " system . Now this is the part where this system showed its uglyheads . Teachers will enter the class , not knowing what to teach to the students . Doctors and nurses will be the " serial killer " to their patients . Improper treatment , care and diagnosis will put the life of every patients in danger . Pharmacists will prescribe the wrong drugs and antibiotics to the patients . Now , how about the engineers and architects ? The lack of engineering knowledge and frequent miscalculation will greatly " help " to collapse a building . Need I say about economists and accountants ? Their " invaluable " skills and expertise will help in rendering the country ' s economy bankrupt .

Now , can you see why public examinations are important ? There is a concrete reason for their existence . They are designed to pick the best brains among the students every year to be admitted to critical courses such as pharmacy , medicine and engineering , just to say a few . Countries like Malaysia need a steady flow of profesionals from these courses in order to keep up with the globalised world . Without examination , how can we pick the best brains from 28 millions Malaysians to develop this country ?      


Have any of you ever encountered or caught someone who watched one of those pornographic  videos ? If you did caught the person on scene , then I would like to congratulate you . You are one of the many parents , sisters , girlfriends , mothers  and wives in this planet who caught son , brothers , boyfriends , fathers and even husbands watching some of those explicit videos .

It is generally acknowledged that over 90% of females neither watch pornographic materials on a regular basis nor keeping them as a personal collection . However , to say that all of them had never came across or unintentionally watch those materials will be a HUGE LIE . This is simply because they are actually surrounded by tons of sexually explicit materials in their daily life , no thanks to the advent of the Internet and uncontrollable lust and sexual desire by their male counterparts .

As for me , my pants will be on fire if I said I did not watch any of those videos . Back in my high school days , every men I know watched pornography to a certain extent . Some of them watched on a regular basis . When I asked the reason for their " hobbies " , they said that they just want to chill out and relax . These kind of answer is fairly sensible as some of them really need a channel in which they can " voice out " the stress within them . Maybe I should " respect " their view .

Now , for the million dollar question , " Is smut or pornography a good thing for men ?" . My answer is no . Why ? Because I did not see neither the requirement nor the role played by this " industry " in improving the standard of living of every men . In fact , I had seen the productivity of students and  workers significantly deteriorates as these smut materials gets into their brain like a virus . The worst part of pornography is that once you get hooked to it , you will never stop watching it . Your mind will be distracted by the " allure " of pornography whenever you are studying or working . Now , do you really think that these people can concentrate on their daily tasks and responsibilities ? The answer is for yours to think .

Many people may accuse me of being a hypocrite if I say that pornography must come to an end . It does not matter to me . What mattered to me the most are for these ugly stuff to stop corrupting the mind of our young generations . I do not see a concrete reason for smuts to exist . Instead , the world will be a better place without them .

Just imagine a brand new world without PORN . You will see a drastic decrease in sexual crimes against women , childrens and the helpless . You will witness the horror of poverty ,  prostituition , sex trafficking and those related crimes being cleansed  for good . Finally , the world will be free of lust , the root of all evil . I will call that ideal world , UTOPIA .

But , if all of us desire to live in a " UTOPIA " nation , we must stop the demand for pornography . Remember , when the demand stopped , porno industry will be out of business .
If you are reading this , please share it with your friends , families and relatives . They deserve to know too .

Monday, 20 August 2012


Ever imagined a situation when you leaves behind all your gadgets eg smartphones , laptop and Internet in your home and go to a place without them . If you are , then welcome to my life . For the past three days , I had been temporalily " discard " all of my gadgets , trying to stay away from them although  I brought them along to my hometown in Pendang , Kedah , in case of " emergency "  . Some might ask , " Will you survive ? ". Well , I would say that I am doing just fine without them .
Now , why did I said so ? Is it possible to survive without gadgets for three days?
What I can conclude here that most of us were too dependent on these gadgets until it became an " extended body part " of ourself . Whenever there is an interesting scene or item , most of us will capture it on photo and post it on Facebook or tweet about it on Twitter . As for me , I do not see any reason to tweet or posting something on Facebook because I believe that the journey should be about connecting back with the local villagers you know and enhancing your relationship with your relatives , grandparents , cousins and friends , not about showing off the " greatness " of your IT properties .

It is also about enjoying the natural beauty of your hometown . As for me , I took this golden oppurtunity to savour the joyness of waterfalls , dipping myself in the water and let the water flow takes me to whichever path it takes . I also had the oppurtunity to explore the jungles , fruit orchards and estates , in which I have truly enjoyed . As I found later , the pure source of happiness is when you are truly enjoying your stay . For me , that was a truly rewarding experience .

For those who had relatives and grandparents back in the village , why not all of us use the advantage of week - long vacation to reconnect and refoster the relationship which had exist since the day we are born ? Maybe this will be our time to switch off all of our gadgets and immerse ourself in the simple joy of chit - chatting , sharing a healthy dose of laughters and jokes , perhaps asking for forgiveness from our loved ones ? If all of my statement above are true , then pack up now ! It is the time to cherish the good old memories of our beloved , humble hometown .


Friday, 17 August 2012


Who is that guy above ? Looks familiar to you ? He is none other than Arsene Wenger ,the EPL " Steve Jobs " in unlocking full potential in his every players in his team . Who could not forget the time when Arsenal were nicknamed " THE INVINCIBLES " during 2003 - 2004 season . He had polished many amateur players like Dennis Bergkamp , Emmanuel Adebayor , Yaya Toure ,Cesc Fabregas , Samir Nasri and his most recent sensation , RVP , not to forget , Thierry " King " Henry . I am using the " Steve Jobs " analogy because he did almost the same thing as Steve Jobs . If Steve Jobs created Iphone and Ipad out of his own ideas , capital , and research ; then Arsene Wenger had " manufactured "wonderful players out of his own system , capital and proper training . Please remember that Arsene Wenger bought a player in his teenage years and groom him until he reaches the peak of his performance . Who could forget Cesc Fabregas and Samir Nasri . Cesc Fabregas was playing for Barca youth team , bought by Arsene , became a great Arsenal player and now currently back as a Catalan player . A classic case of Arsene 's ingeniuity of turning a youth player into a valuable asset every team's desire . 

But sadly , he failed in one aspect of the team that is loyalty . He had succesfully groomed some of the best talent in EPL , but he failed to keep their loyalty level in check . Many of his best players left the club to find greener pasture when they reached their career 's peak . The most recent move to other club was initiated by Robin van Persie ( RVP ) who at age 29 , still one year on contract , leaves Arsenal for Manchester United for transfer fee of 22 million pound sterling .

But , when one guy leave , three guy came in . After Arsene Wenger learned of RVP ' true intention , he brought in three players , Lukas Podolski ( Germany ) , Olivier Giroud ( France ) and Santi Cazorla ( Spain ) . Well , my personal hope for RVP ; good luck in MU . Don't let yourself be the second Samir Nasri . HAHA

By the way , I am not a football critic . I am just a guy who admire Arsene Wenger as a charismatic manager who brought a devastated team in the early season 2011 - 2012 to a magnificient third placing in EPL tables by relying on the raw , cheap , untapped talent of youth players like Alex - Oxlade Chamberlain , Theo Walcott and RVP . These players showed to the whole world that Arsenal is more than just a club ; it is a living proof of true beauty of football


Thursday, 16 August 2012


The election is coming near you . Although everyone was predicting that the election will be somewhere in June , their expectations had come to a standstill . Whatever assumptions or predictions that are made , one thing for certain , the " MALAYSIAN CIVIL WAR " had begun . Nowadays , it is a fairly common sight to see father and son , brother and sister are having their unworthy discussion on which side is winning to the extent of feuds , not-talking-to-each-other situation and shockingly , an abrupt end to their relationship .

Like many other Malaysians , I too had been indirectly  involved in some sort of political discussion . I had been exposed to various pro-government and anti-government propagandas which try to lure in youth support for their party , having considered that youth represented the largest chunk of eligible voters in Malaysia . But let me make my stand clear . I am a neutral citizen . I am not a fool . I will not be easily influenced by any parties . I am a critical person .

However , to reach that neutral attitude , it takes a lot of courage and conscience . Well , as you can see , I am surrounded by government supporters in families and friends . When I stepped out of this " FAMILY ZONE " , i suddenly found myself being engulfed in a whole new generation of " OPPOSITION KNIGHTS " who are willing to declare the " CRUSADE WAR " on the Unbelievers ( GOVERNMENT ) by using their swords of propaganda eg mass media and social media to " convert " these Unbelievers .

As stated earlier , I will not be supporting anyone . Instead , I will cooperate with both sides . If the government had not delivered its promise and targets , I will be among the first to critise them , in a constructive way . However , if they did delivered their promises , I will praise them . The same theory works for the Opposition . For me , they must be the " check and balance " mechanism in the democracy system . But , for them to be such , they must first cleared the " bad apples " in them . They must critise the Government in a very constructive , rational way . Sadly , the Opposition parties in Malaysia are nowhere near to that .

The Oppostion in Malaysia must be the only few in this planet to oppose any decision or policies made by the Government , when it is actually a good policy . This attitude must change . I always believe that when you change your attitude , you change everything . But for now , I think I will keep this attitude of mine by being in neutral state of mind .



You see , when I'm talking about being controlled by someone for everyone's sake , I really mean it . In this modern era , it is a fairly common sight to see the Generation Y ( Youth ) are becoming more vocal and are aware of their rights as a citizen . As a result , many political parties are setting up youth wings in order to attract the youths to join their party .

Our country , Malaysia who had been a staunch practitioner of democratic values , had provided various channel and oppurtunities for youths to express their desires . Among the channels which are provided to this group is the Internet . As you can see , under the Malaysia ' s rule and regulation concerning the Internet and social medias , all of us , Malaysians are given the freedom to set up blogsite , social media pages ( FB ) dedicated for a cause , and also access to a certain amount of government datas eg consensus , explanation regarding the rules and regulations which had been approved by the Cabinet and Parliament .

It is heartening to see that many of the youths are taking active part in democracy  process  as enshrined in the Constituition . However , I can also see the trend that certain youths thinked that the Government are not doing good enough . They want more "freedom" , which translates into absolute total freedom to gain easy access into certain information which are deemed confidential by the LAW. This includes national security , intelligence , strategic assets and so on . I'm not saying that I sided with the government , but I think that the concept of " absolute freedom " shall never be allowed to exist in our country's democracy .

Their stand on this concept , I suspect , is directly linked to certain move by the opposition parties who tried to prove themselves as the " CHAMPION " of Malaysian issue when their real intention is to expose Malaysia 's confidential secrets to foreign countries who are interested in Malaysia . Once the strategic assets and weakness of Malaysia are exposed , the whole nation will be vulnerable to subversive attacks .
As for these opposition parties , they may not foresee the negative consequences of their action . All they see is  instant political mileage , fame and fortune .

These negative outcomes are the only reasons why the Government had to impose ban and off-limit access to certain strategic , important datas in which the exposure can lead to the national security being compromised down to its core . Some secrets are meant to be kept in vaults , dont you think so ?

Tuesday, 14 August 2012

Make A Choice Part 2

Will I stop here ? No , silly . I ain't going to dedicate this article to Matt , but I want to dedicate it to all of you .

You see , everyone of us had to make choice . Whether its the option to choose the course we wanted to study , or the type of career we want to pursue or the hardest of them all , choosing the right lady to be your " FIRST LADY " aka your wife . I have to confess that I had been making several wrong moves and it was me who had to pay the heavy price . But , I always believe that God had a plan for everyone of us . Maybe , God wanted me to learn something from these mistakes . And that lesson is experience makes a man grew wiser .

I would like to highlight several famous failures . Michael Jordan , ex-NBA player and an American basketball legend , used to be kicked out of his high school basketball team and he went home , crying while locking himself in the room for days . Had not he tried again for the team , he will be some sort of LOSER . The second case was  Albert Einstein . In his childhood days , he was a slow speaker and learner . Even , his schoolteacher did not put any hope on him . And you know what happened next , by 16 , he taught himself calculus and became a teenage physics prodigy . After that , its just history . His brilliant Theory of Relativity really packed a heavy punch on the world of physics that it earned him, " MAN OF THE CENTURY " title by The Times and a Nobel Prize .

So , what does Michael Jordan and Albert Einstein had in common ? They make the right choice , they know what they want and they strive for excellence . They did turned their failure into a  stepping stone for success . And man , fame and fortune really tastes sweet .

If you are reading this , have some faith in yourself . If you failed this time , the next time could be yours to savour . Thanks for reading this



Happy Tuesday . Well , today I wish to talk about this person . His name is Matthew , of whom he is fondly known as Matt . I get to know Matt since my high school days . Back then , we met for the first time in FORM 1 . I still remember being seated next to him in the class . He was a very quiet , unassuming but extraordinally brilliant in geography and history . It was like he got all the knowledge in his hand . But , he was rather average in calculation and science and he had to depend on me whenever he had any trouble in Maths and Science .

Since then , our friendship had strengthened from time to time until at one point of time , we were infamously teased  by our classmates as the " gay couple " . But , it did not bother us at all . In fact , many , especially girls were having a crush on Matt ( he looks like Taylor Lautner ) but could not get near him because he will always be with me all the time .  Both of us trusted each other and did not hide any secret from each other .

However , as both of us reached the age 16 , Matt started to change . He is no longer the cheerful , energetic Matt I know . He started to befriend a drug pusher , who happened to be the head prefect , Jay  . At first , the guard offered him some ecstasy pills as free sample . Once he got hooked up , Jay started to charge him . Each time he get his " refills " , RM20 had changed hand . To cut short the story , both Jay and Matt were caught red handed while doing their " transaction " at the school ' s recycle store . They were caught on tape by CCTV . The next day , they were suspended from school and later were kicked out of school . Their whereabouts were and still a mystery to this day  .

The main point here is about making choice . You see , Matt could have just stayed with me and avoid Jay . It's simple but yet , Matt went to try that escstacy stuff and got himself hooked to it . He became an addict and a complete LOSER . He brought disgrace to his family and his best friend , that is me . Just one wrong option and he loses everything . Poor man .

Monday, 13 August 2012


Nobody like to be caged like a bird . Even birds like to be able to fly freely into the sky without no one telling it what to do . Freedom is a valuable asset . It takes a lot of effort to get to it and even greater effort is needed to maintain it . Freedom is like a girlfriend . If today you can keep her in the relationship , the next moment might be your last time seeing her .

In Malaysia , eventhough Islam is proclaimed as an offical religion and all Malays are considered as  Muslim under the Federal Constituition ,  the freedom for the non - Malays to practise their respective religion is cemented as the basic structure of the Constituition and the Government had gone to great length to preserve this status . In fact , the government had granted land titles for churches , temples , mosques , even synagogues . From time to time , they also provide financial assistance for the religious committes to conduct their mosque , church and temple activities .

However , I ' m not here to preach just about religious freedom . I wanted to talk about political freedom . You see , under the Federal Constituition and civil based which were based on the British module , all of Malaysian citizens were granted freedom of speech . In fact , the recent amendment of Peaceful Assembly Act allowed the citizens to hold peace assembly in a specific place that is reserved for that purpose . However , the recent demonstration which occured about 3 months had seen the demonstrators being violent and tried to breach the blockade made by FRU and security agencies in order to be at Dataran Merdeka when the police had stated that Dataran Merdeka shall not be used for assemblies any other than national occasions . Instead , the police had provided a stadium for the assembly to go on , only to be rejected by the organisers . The blatant disregard of police 's order not to assemble near Dataran Merdeka showed that the organiser had abused their freedom and displayed a sense of disrespect for the Law .

Moreover , I had came across numerous blogs , whether its pro - government or pro-oppositions , who tried to slid each other's throats by posting super - imposed photos , derogatory remarks against their opponents and some even exposed sexually explicit videos in which the authenticites are questionable .
To both government and opposition sides , please remember that the SUPREME LAW , Federal Constituition had given an ample space for you to practise your freedom of speech as long as it does not compromise the nation' s security and harmony of the country . To some of you who still try to commit "menangguk di air keruh " act , my advise is that you better stop doing it . It won't bring any good effect to anyone . In fact , you are painting an ugly colour to the value of democracy which are practised in Malaysia .

To those Malaysian who are reading this post , I sincerely hoped that you will put some thought to this issue . Now , just remember that all of us are equal by the LAW just like all of us are equal in front of Him , THE SUPREME LORD  . Support the right cause , not the wrong one .

Sunday, 12 August 2012


Everyone tend to be extra cautious when it comes to funding . This is because their choice of funding will determine what kind of outcome or product will they get . In conlusion , funding plays a very important part in our life

What does funding means ? Funding is an act of providing resources , mainly resources such as money , effort , time and humanpower in order to support a particular investment , infrastructure or an organisation . In terms of the whole nation , the most important decision that any government must perform is the funding issue . As we all know , the government revenue is based on the amount of taxes , royalties and other legal sorce of incomes . The total amount of money collected must go into an account known as the  NATIONAL CONSOLIDATED FUND . Then , the Ministry of Commerce and the National Bank will draft the national spending plan for the country , let say its TENTH MALAYSIA PLAN . They will then distribute the revenue into every sector acording to their importance , some will also be used to pay the nation 's debt to the World Bank and the rest will be stored for emergency .

Prudential financial management is the most important criteria of any type of  funding , be it the government , organisation and families . For the government , they need to inject a lot of money into the health , infrastructure , defense and education sector . The failure to inject money especially  into health and education sector will result in the people being unable to get first rate healthcare and education at subsidised price , therefore resulting in mass decline in health and literacy level of the mass . When this happened , the real purpose of the government which is to serve the people had been defeated .

In term of organisations , big companies need to carry out consistent funding activities in order to raise capital for their commercial projects in their respective field , be it property , plantation or mining sector , just to say a few . The failure to raise enough capital will result in their project , especially the one offered by the government , will result in the project being taken over by another private company . As a result , that particular company will suffer from financial losses and their corporate reputation might be at stake .

The same goes to families and individuals . They must invest their money into education , healthcare , food and shelter . For those who are recently married , raise some money to buy a decent home , at least an apartment or flats because shelter is a basic need for everyone . The failure to spend money on any of the sector mentioned above will result in their quality of family lifestyle being compromised .

Saturday, 11 August 2012


Every mentally sane human like it when people are giving something for free to them . These free items could include services , goods or anything that comes without any hidden charges . I had just read an article regarding this " free " issue and I had to admit , HE is absolutely right .

Let me give you an example . When a cordial drink bottle is included with a free gift , say a decorative glass , what will people do ? They will rush to buy as many cordial drink as possible , willing to sacrifice their hard earned money on the item . The question is , who is the WINNER and who is the LOSER ? The WINNER is the company and the supermarket and the LOSER is the customers . WHY ? It is simple . Actually that decorative glass only cost a penny to made , thanks to cheap labour and low operational cost . When the company can cut their production cost , normally they will put a higher price for the free item , say it's RM5 when it actually cost only RM0.50 to made . Let say the cordial cost RM7 , add with free item , maybe they will go on sale for RM12 . Now , all they have to say to the customer is , " If you buy our RM12 cordial drinks , you will get to collect a decorative glass . Collect all 6 designs and you can get one entry into the lucky draw .

Now , I think I am making everything clearer now . The company is " robbing " your wallet while the supermarket gets to " squeeze " you out . Now , who is the WINNER now ? HAHAHA

The second scenario is about education . You see , all of us wants to get a good , high paying job . Now , for that to happen , you must go to college and get a degree . The college part is where your whole life can turn upside down . If you go to a college simply because that college has free transport , free food , free concert and so on and so forth , it will not bring you any good . What if the college degree is not recognized ? Most people are not willing to invest in good colleges like Sunway , Taylor 's and Curtin . Yes , their fees are expensive and maybe your family cant afford it or maybe you did not get any scholarship . But in my opinion , if you can study and graduate from any of these colleges with flying colours , you are opening your world to endless possibilities and chances . Employers will find you , maybe they will pay back more or equal amount of money you have invested earlier.

Now , don't you think that paying a small fortune to get something that will make your life better is a wise decision ? Just remember , nobody is going to give their hard earned expertise and product for free . You got to pay for it .

Now , where is my free coupons?

Friday, 10 August 2012


I still remember the first time I was holding and actually reading the Buddha holy chant , mantras and sutras . That was way back in 2007 , when I was 15 . At first , i could not fathom the purpose of chants , mantras and sutras until my dad gave me a book which is the English version of the same book . It was thinner and the author was primarily focusing on mantras such as IMINA which corresponds to Al - Fatihah and Yassin verse in the Holy Koran . IMINA is chanted for the departed souls in which the devotees hope that the souls will gain merits in the afterlife . I was told by my dad that Buddha's word collection regarding mantras and sutras were huge and what I ' m currently reading is just a small part of it . I have always loved the Jataka tales , of how Angulimala , the finger cutter were subdued by Buddha's humble and charismatic aura .

But at this moment , I do not want to talk about just my religion , Buddhism . As a curious young man , I have always been interested in studying and comparing all religions , particularly Islam , Christianity and Judaism . Now , from what I had observed , all religions promoted peace , understanding and harmony among the human race . I have not been able to study Koran and Torah in depth , but from what I know , both Koran and Torah believes in the same prophets and also believe in the Judgement Day . As for Bible , well I have to admit , I had two copies of it . The first copy is an e-book  in full English , which I have downloaded it into my smartphone . The second one , is a bilingual Thai - English version book of Holy Bible , which was a gift from my uncle .

Holy Bible is basically divided into Old Testament and New Testament . My favourite parts of the Bible was the Genesis in which describe the creation of the world by GOD in seven days in which HE finishes His job on Sunday , the seventh day . Another part is the Matthew which describe the life of Lord Jesus and his endeavors in spreading the word of God . In the other word , reading Bible is like reading history books about prophets .

Basically , this is what I can summarise about Bible . Holy Bible has a very thick content of stories and it would take some time to finish it . Maybe in the future , when I had finished reading Bible , maybe I will read Koran , Torah , Bhagavad Gita and Tripitaka in my free time and make my own , unbiased interpretation of these major religion .

The whole idea for the study and comparison of major religions is to make me a person who understand the justification and differences in practise and lifestyle of these religions . It also enables me to understand why some people have to pray at certain times in a day and the specific diet practice in which they must obey as a devotees . Since I have friend and compatriots who adhere to their respective religion , thus it is important for me to actually about their belief to accept it in full respect and tolerance .

Tuesday, 7 August 2012


I chose the title " UNTITLED " because I think that is the best way to describe my stand on this issue . Then Adam Levine said , " Hey ,  man , what's the issue ? ." Then I said , " Just go and play your lead guitar thing . I will tell you later . "

What is the issue here ? The main issue here is that I had came across some FB pages and groups which try to create hatred toward Muslim and non - Muslims . There is a page which claimed that Islam is a disease . It really broke my heart to watch this mindless admin posting articles which were meant to spread Islamophobia . Hmm , I just have one thing to say to this admin , " Go and get yourself a life . You should listen some Maroon 5 songs instead of wasting your time on FB. Social network is not for the sick guy .

The same goes to the Muslims . If there is any " bad apples " among the good hearted Muslims who try to insult other religions or belief be it Buddhism , Christianity , Hinduism , etcetra , please try to advise these people to stop because there is nothing good about it . For the non - Muslims , please try and respect  the Muslims . I had many good Muslim friends and I believe there are more out there .  My parents , teachers and friends had quoted me that there are only three type of people in this world
THE GOOD , THE BAD , AND THE UGLY . This is the quote in which I will upheld to my last breath.

As I was writing this post , Adam Levine suddenly came online on Skype , showing his PEACE sign to me . Thank you , man . I know you are the PEACE guy .

By the way , anyone like Maroon 5 ?


Happy Tuesday . Well , its a wet day here in my place .Rain had just stopped and i can see rainbow from my balcony . Anyway , have you ever experienced looking at some bad habits coomonly practised by the Malaysian 's " bad apples " . I say " bad apples " because Malaysia is a heaven of  "good apples  ", but recently , we have been tainted by " bad apples " syndrome.

Personally , I am a regular user of public transportation such as bus , ferry , etc and I have seen enough of these " bad apples " . The most common thing that these people did was to throw their packets of sweets indiscriminately on the floor . Some ugly users went to the extent of throwing their bus tickets out of the window , not knowing that the bus conductor will conduct inspection for their ticket later . Secondly . some of these crooks , in particular the wayward youths will scribble nasty languages on the back of the bus seats , as though the bus is their scribbling ground .

Apart from that ,  when I am using the pedestrian crossing , some of the bike riders will purposely ram their motorbike just to make me to walk faster to the other side .This is a bad habit , you know ! You don't own the street . Respect the pedestrian . Another thing that I noticed  when I am waiting at the bus stop was the place was treated like an advertisement banner . I can see tons of flyers pasted on the wall , mostly offering treatment for sexual diseases , lottery lucky numbers , etcera .

The most embarassing of all is how some people behaved themselves in the bus . I had seen a couple passionately rubbing each other in a very seductive manner . I have also seen one man kissing another man without being sensible to the Malaysian passengers . If you want to do your " project '' , do it in your own backyard . Shall I continue ? The sight of youngsters not giving their seats to ladies ,  pregnant , older people is fairly a common sight besides reserving an extra seat for their belongings instead for the passangers .

In conclusion , I believe that these group of people should learn to be more courteous . Respect each other . Do not treat unto others the way we do not want to be treated . They should turn over a new leaf .


Monday, 6 August 2012


"Hey , Jenny , Daddy got a bedtime story for you ! You want to listen ? " . Then Jenny said , " I want , Daddy . I want . " Then Daddy sat on the side of Jenny 's bed and started  to read the title out loud . " Its called PONAMLAND.

Once upon a time , in a faraway land , there was a kingdom called PONAMLAND . At the centre of the PONAMLAND , there is an island called OZILAND . The kingdom was ruled by a tribe called the Trolls. But the subject of PONAMLAND is not only Pixies . There are Gnomes and Pixies too . For as long as the time can remember , the land was ruled by intelligent kings . However , one day , a guy from the Troll tribe became the king . He was known as The Warlord . The tyrant demanded the hardworking Gnomes to gather gold from the goldmine while the Pixies gather food and water for the whole nation for the coming winter . 

How sad it was for the Gnomes and Pixies . While the Gnomes and Pixies are busy gathering gold , foods and water for the winter , The Warlord and his Troll tribe are busy dancing with the grasshoppers , drinking nectars until they are drunk , stealing the gold from gnomes while not forgetting to steal some food and water from the Pixies . But Gnomes and Pixies are not stupid . They know that the Trolls are not doing any work . So at every night , the Gnomes and Pixies started to unload bits of food , water and gold into a huge caravan of ponies ( horses ) and started to transfer it to OZILAND . In OZILAND , the island is surrounded by the UKUKAKA lake in which the centre of the lake , lives the great TREE OF LIFE .

The Tree Of Life was feared by the Trolls for every Troll who tried to cross the lake will be poisoned by the smell of the Tree Of Life . They will eventually died of poisoning . On the 13th day , almost all of gold , food and water are transported back to OZILAND . Unfortunately , The Warlord noticed the significant drop in his coffer and begun to raid the godown . To his surprise , nothing were left behind and all Gnomes and Pixies were gone to OZILAND. The next day , he prepared himself a huge army of Trolls , guided by beetle tankers and flying hummingbird . They then marched in full pride to the edge of the lake .

As they reached the lake , they saw themselves being confronted by an army of Gnomes and Pixies . The warlord first sent his best warrior , Jastun Baber to fight with the Gnome warrior , Oz Kuper . In a blink of an eye , Jastun Baber was killed by the Snoop Gun by Oz Kuper . Then , the king sent all of his beetle tanker to crush the Tree Of Life . Unfortunately , all of the beetles were killed as it tried to bite the root of the Tree which is the most poisonous part of the tree .

King Warlord did not give up . King Warlord then sent his secret weapon , the flying hummingbirds .  The army of hummingbirds   easily routed the Tree of Life as it fly high above beyond the reach of the Tree of Life . But sadly , flying high exposed them to the risk of being rained by poison arrows from the elite Pixies archers . Pixies are the best at archery and the shots of poison arrows are deadly to the hummingbirds . After 2 hours , all of the hummingbirds succumbed to their death after suffering an agonising pain from the poison arrow .

The Tree Of Life was absolutely unaffected and the Trolls do not want to risk to chop down the Tree with their golden axe . At last , The Warlord and his tribe went back to where they belong and OZILAND lived happily ever after . THE END

writen by DADDY MANOP

Sunday, 5 August 2012


Well , happy Monday . Before I start , I wished to congralutate Datuk Lee Chong Wei for his all-out-fighting spirit against Lin Dan . Kudos to the whole team . Anyway , just now , I was flipping through the Sports section of my favourite newspaper and I saw this headline " SPREAD THE MONEY " . Now this sounded more catchy than the headline of the day .

Honestly , I ' m a big fan of Barcelona . I always love to watch them play especially against their archrival , Real Madrid . Those kind of match is known as "EL CLASSICO " and are hugely waited by global fans .
Now what do these two teams have in common ? Firstly , they are consistently placed in First and Second place in every season for the past couple of years . It was like as if they are running the whole LA LIGA .
Secondly ,  both of them are envied and despised by their Spanish peers for their almost total monopoly on money generated from sale of La Liga's TV rights .

To add on , both Real Madrid and Barcelona are world's richest club and have a solid financial management . As a result of their cash - rich bank acounts , both Barcelona and Real Madrid are able to make signings of talented players in the industry . Real Madrid is currently making a big offer to lure in Croation midfielder , Luka Modric while Barcelona had just signed Spanish leftback , Jordi Alba from Valencia for quite a lump sum . What' s their secret ?

Their secret is simple . Barca and RM always get half of the annual cash generated from TV rights , totalling about 600 million euros . This means that both will get around 300 million euros annualy . Plus , they also draws additional incomes from their sponsors , enabling them to make high profile signings while their Spanish counterparts watch them in jealousy .

In my opinion , the way these Spanish giant run the whole system is ethically unjust and wrong . I mean , they should think more about holding discussion with their La Liga rivals on how to distribute the wealth in such a way that it will benefit the Spanish football . They should also be prepared to give up their dominant position when it comes to the annual revenues by sharing it with all the clubs . They should take a closer look at English Premier League ( EPL ) . In EPL , there are no particular team who can monopolise the the whole system of football revenues as the system are designed to protect the rights of smaller clubs against giants such as MU , Chelsea, so on .

In conclusion , there should be a major overhaul on the income distribution system . This is to ensure that every club get to taste a fair share to the La Liga 's lucrative TV deals . Whatever it is , I'm your biggest fan , FC BARCELONA .  Adios ( Goodbye ) .