Saturday, 26 October 2013


Alright , let's get straight to the point ? What point ? I'm talking about secularisme . Well , you see , secularisme is a very simple concept . It is defined as the separation of religion from the state , whereby the religion cannot interfere in the state affairs , and the state must not assert their authority over religion , by suppressing it or adjusting the religion to fit their personal agendas .

So , what's the issue here ? The issue is that whether all the states and organizations who claimed themselves to be secular , democratic and liberal , really are secular ? Or is it just just lip services to satisfy the masses ?
From my point of view , only very few states and organizations who claimed to be secular , had truly lived to my expectations . These were the states and organizations who had actually adhered to the strict principles of secularisme , where there is a strict separation of religion and state .

So , my next question is " How to be a secular state ? " . It's very simple . You just have to make sure that religion does not interrupt the state administration . The exclusion of religion from the state , does not mean the elimination of religion from public life .In fact , a secular state should protect the freedom of every citizen to practise , propagate and to convert to another religion . The citizens who are atheists and free-thinkers should also protected under the law and order of the state .

A secular state should not attempt to interfere in the religious affairs or to supress certain religious denominations , organizations or minorities who may not share the same faith as the majority . This is to prevent religion from being used as a reason for discriminations on the basis of religion . As a result , the people will have the right to practise their beliefs without the fear of persecutions .


Friday, 11 October 2013


Right now , I'm 21 . Yup , 21 , an age where people are supposed to embark on a journey of self-discovery , to discover their true passion , interests , strength , weaknesses , whatsoever . 21 can also be used to indicate the period whereby you should be able to figure out , what are you in the next 10 years ? Are you going to be somebody or nobody .

As for me , I'm not really sure about myself , much less the choices and decisons that I had made . Is it the best possible or should I try harder ? As the saying goes , life is like a box of chocolate . You''ll never know what's inside the package . That's all for now