Friday, 28 June 2013


Just now , on SOCIAL MEDIA , a guy reminded me that we are college students , not school dwellers . Honestly saying , he got a point of his own . But , from my point of view , colleges , universities and schools are just the same thing that we will get through in various stages of our lives .

I mean , WHAT'S THE DIFFERENCE ? Whether you are studying in tertiary , secondary and primary institutions , you will be forced to attend classes , lectures , doing your assignments and sitting for your final exams . Of course , while you are studying in those institutions , you will have bear an incredible amount of mental pressure due to time constraints to juggle between co-curricular activities and academics . These mental and emotional pressure were so high that it cannot be measured in kilo pascal or Tesla . 

However , there were one fundamental difference between school and colleges . In school , you are called kids , teenagers . But in colleges and universities , you are called adults . Thus , when it comes to adults , things are going to change dramatically . You will realise that , suddenly , you are on your own . Parents will not be by your side anymore . Lecturers will teach as if they are in a hurry to get married . They just want to get things done . For the first time in your life , you will get to taste the real flavour of adulthood ; an age of self-discovery which could leads to unimaginable success , or an age of self-destruction , where you mix with the idiots . 

Those idiots who thought that they were always right and the world were wrong . These minions thought that it's fine to skip classes , to plagiarise others' assignments and not studying hard for exams . Honestly saying , in the end , they will get nothing from their colleges except a love letter saying that " YOU'RE TERMINATED " and also a plaque in the Hall of Fames For Losers . By then , even the God will not help them . 

So , whats the moral of the story ? The moral of the story is stop dreaming as if you're still a child and act like an adult . Kids and retards do not really belong here . Adults do . Sometimes , when you are feeling down , all you need to say is " Aal izz well " and everything will be fine