Saturday, 26 October 2013


Alright , let's get straight to the point ? What point ? I'm talking about secularisme . Well , you see , secularisme is a very simple concept . It is defined as the separation of religion from the state , whereby the religion cannot interfere in the state affairs , and the state must not assert their authority over religion , by suppressing it or adjusting the religion to fit their personal agendas .

So , what's the issue here ? The issue is that whether all the states and organizations who claimed themselves to be secular , democratic and liberal , really are secular ? Or is it just just lip services to satisfy the masses ?
From my point of view , only very few states and organizations who claimed to be secular , had truly lived to my expectations . These were the states and organizations who had actually adhered to the strict principles of secularisme , where there is a strict separation of religion and state .

So , my next question is " How to be a secular state ? " . It's very simple . You just have to make sure that religion does not interrupt the state administration . The exclusion of religion from the state , does not mean the elimination of religion from public life .In fact , a secular state should protect the freedom of every citizen to practise , propagate and to convert to another religion . The citizens who are atheists and free-thinkers should also protected under the law and order of the state .

A secular state should not attempt to interfere in the religious affairs or to supress certain religious denominations , organizations or minorities who may not share the same faith as the majority . This is to prevent religion from being used as a reason for discriminations on the basis of religion . As a result , the people will have the right to practise their beliefs without the fear of persecutions .


Friday, 11 October 2013


Right now , I'm 21 . Yup , 21 , an age where people are supposed to embark on a journey of self-discovery , to discover their true passion , interests , strength , weaknesses , whatsoever . 21 can also be used to indicate the period whereby you should be able to figure out , what are you in the next 10 years ? Are you going to be somebody or nobody .

As for me , I'm not really sure about myself , much less the choices and decisons that I had made . Is it the best possible or should I try harder ? As the saying goes , life is like a box of chocolate . You''ll never know what's inside the package . That's all for now

Saturday, 31 August 2013


I had one question for you , which religion can provide you with all the answers to our problems in this world ? There are so many religions in this world , who claimed that they are perfect and the validity of the belief itself should not be questioned by anyone .

My second question is , is there such thing as an absolute truth ? It's like a religion which is flawless , plus free of human interpretation and interference . From my point of view , there is no such thing as absolute truth . Even , I had to admit myself , that Buddhism , the religion in which I was born into , was neither perfect nor close to absolute truth . Sometimes , I always questioned myself , why Buddhism is so different from other religion ? Why are there so many contradictions in Buddhist scriptures ? What is the true purpose of karma ?

As I was trying to comprehend the true essence of Buddhism , I came to realise that Buddha himself , told his disciples not to  blindly believe in whatever word omitted by Him . He strongly urged his followers to investigate every  aspect of the religion , and then , to make their decision of whether to accept or reject Buddhism . The method of critical thinking and thorough judgement approach , promoted by Lord Buddha , had certainly won the heart of many people . As a result , many had choose to convert to Buddhism .

Now , did I use this article to promote the goodness of Buddhism and to belittle the other ? No , I am trying to make a point that the religion with absolute truth is the religion which truly engages your heart and mind . Some people are favouring monotheistic faith over agnostic belief , simply because the concept of one single God , sounded more logical to them . If that's the case , then we should respect their personal choice .

Remember , no religion is superior above another . The only religion with absolute truth is the religion which engages your heart , mind and soul . Every religious belief , should be open to criticism and feedbacks , because it shows that people do really care about the religion

Friday, 28 June 2013


Just now , on SOCIAL MEDIA , a guy reminded me that we are college students , not school dwellers . Honestly saying , he got a point of his own . But , from my point of view , colleges , universities and schools are just the same thing that we will get through in various stages of our lives .

I mean , WHAT'S THE DIFFERENCE ? Whether you are studying in tertiary , secondary and primary institutions , you will be forced to attend classes , lectures , doing your assignments and sitting for your final exams . Of course , while you are studying in those institutions , you will have bear an incredible amount of mental pressure due to time constraints to juggle between co-curricular activities and academics . These mental and emotional pressure were so high that it cannot be measured in kilo pascal or Tesla . 

However , there were one fundamental difference between school and colleges . In school , you are called kids , teenagers . But in colleges and universities , you are called adults . Thus , when it comes to adults , things are going to change dramatically . You will realise that , suddenly , you are on your own . Parents will not be by your side anymore . Lecturers will teach as if they are in a hurry to get married . They just want to get things done . For the first time in your life , you will get to taste the real flavour of adulthood ; an age of self-discovery which could leads to unimaginable success , or an age of self-destruction , where you mix with the idiots . 

Those idiots who thought that they were always right and the world were wrong . These minions thought that it's fine to skip classes , to plagiarise others' assignments and not studying hard for exams . Honestly saying , in the end , they will get nothing from their colleges except a love letter saying that " YOU'RE TERMINATED " and also a plaque in the Hall of Fames For Losers . By then , even the God will not help them . 

So , whats the moral of the story ? The moral of the story is stop dreaming as if you're still a child and act like an adult . Kids and retards do not really belong here . Adults do . Sometimes , when you are feeling down , all you need to say is " Aal izz well " and everything will be fine 


Friday, 8 March 2013


To those of you who thought that Batman is just another DC Comics superhero , think again . Why did I say so ? What makes Batman much more superior than others ?

Before I begin the conversations , let us take a closer look on Batman . Did anyone of us thinks that Batman can fly at supersonic speed or single-handedly crush a fighter jet plane the way Ironman did ? No , of course not . By the way , he is just an eccentric billionaire who can only fly at that speed in one of his private jets . The only way for him to crush a plane is by shooting it down with one of his Batweapons . In the other word , he applies logics and science to do the impossible .

If you are an avid fan of Batman , like I do , you will remember of how his Batmobile and the Bat crushes an army of maniacs , headed by The Joker in the first sequel and Bane , on the second sequel . Somehow , i realised that , after watching Dark Knight and Dark Knight Rises , my mind was completely washed . I finally realised that when you applied science logics with  brilliant military strategies , you can take down an entire nation , and I'm pretty sure that was the X-factor in getting an edge over your enemies .

Apart from that , I fell in love with Batman , not because he is Bruce Wayne , but because he is so humble in his act . He believes that action was his reward and the Gotham police force should take the credit . Remember when Commisioner Gordon's family was abducted by Harvey Dent , and that Batman  had to kill him in order to save Gordon's son . Batman took the blame for it , refusing to highlight his great efforts and assistance to the Gotham authorities in killing The Joker . Since then , he became the most sinful , most hated crmininals in the city .

By the way , how can I relate Batman to our daily life ? The only thing I can say is that there's a Batman in every us . Every civilians of this nation has a role to play in fighting crimes and any subversive activities which could jeopardize our security and well-being . I also believe that , anonymous citizens who fought criminals and terrorists , they are the true Batman . They are the Dark Knight , unsung heroes , who fought battles they are destined to die , in order to provide comfort and security for the homeland .

The last remaining question , who is Batman ? Nobody knows for sure who he is . But , trust me , he is always there with us , The Dark Knight lives in every of us , we just have to awaken it .